Domain hosting conferences – opportunities for new contacts

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Conference will be held in Las Vegas in 2010 several conferences for the domain hosting industry. Conference will be held in Las Vegas from 21 to 23 January, immediately followed by the domain Festival in California from January 26 to 28.

The conference series are there since 2004, and the meeting in Las Vegas is the second, which is organized by Rick Latona. In an interview with DNJournal Latona said recently that a survey had shown that the majority of the conference participants are primarily due to the contacts. Other reasons for participation are parties, auctions and seminars.

To facilitate the socializing, the meeting begins with two networking events and a cocktail party. There will also be an auction, and “Test Track”, an event at the company’s founder to present their ideas. This is done before an audience, but DNJournal reported that negotiations behind closed doors will also be possible.

Although networking is in the foreground, conferences and events of interest are planned. Domain Name Wire has, for example, points to the Pitch Festival, a competition that will take place within the domain Festival and at the applicant can present their best ideas and products that could help a domain to increased its traffic.

How to choose a domain for e-shop Part 2

Some domain zones:

  • .ua – Ukraine Domains available for registration only trademark owners;
  • .ru – Russia domain zone;
  • – commercial organizations operating in Ukraine;
  • – Regional Domains for Kiev and Kiev region;
  •, – Regional Domains for Kharkov city and Kharkov region;
  •, – regional domain zone for the city of Donetsk and Donetsk region.

Based on the above, we can conclude that the online store is most suitable area * .com (*

So, you have a problem to be solved: it is necessary to choose a domain for an online store.

Consider a few situations:

You do not store offline, in addition, you do not have and did not have an online store and brand, you just open your business, so you need to choose a name for your business in general, and for online shopping in particular.
If you have a shop offline, it works for many years, customers have, but they are mostly not permanent (one-time purchase made). Now you decide to present your company on the Internet. The name of your store offline to anyone about what does not speak.

If you have a shop offline, it is popular, there is a base of regular customers, who do you buy for many years and recommend you to their friends and acquaintances.

You do not store offline, you do not have and did not have an online store

It seems the problem is one of the most simple, there are no restrictions, we can unleash the imagination, but in fact just the absence of constraints leads to a deadlock: how to start? How original stand out as one word mark and name of the store and to outline the scope of its activities?

Name of your online store – is the future brand.


It is better if the store name and the domain will be the same. Then the client will be sufficient to remember only the name (but not the name and domain).

Keep in mind the target audience: if you have store for men, the title should be more strict (“Jack”, “Status», «Boyman»), if, for women – more sophisticated (“Silhouette”, “Coquette», «Ladystyle “), for children – chosen on the basis of” syusi-Pusey “(” The Kid “,” Pupsik “,” Poznavayka “).

Calling the online store also need to take into account the level of prices of goods. The name for the downmarket to be commonplace, comic (“tsenopad”, “Nakhodka”, “Fifty”), for the shop with the average prices will approach a neutral name (“Suede”, “Cousin”, “Ata-baht”), shops same luxury should be called only pathetic (“Rococo”, “Tsaritsyno», «Antonello»). The title must cling, sit in the mind of the user.

So you’ve picked up a few variants of names for your future online store. Now select the domain. Determine the domain area and check to see whether such engaged domain names. When finally choose a domain name, rather enroll until no one took.

How to choose a domain for e-shop

The success of an online business

Getting to know your online store for users begins with domain. Properly selected domain can help in the further promotion of the site. On concrete situations we tell what options for selecting a domain should consider what to look for, why should choose a domain and register before developing an online store. What if the domain name that you like busy. Fraudsters can use your name on the Internet and how to protect against it.

When we get to know someone, we know the person’s name. Familiarity with the site begins with entering the domain name in the browser.

Domain – a unique site name on the network. For example, the domain name of our site, the search engine “Google» – and so on. Note that the domain name must be unique: there can not be two identical network domain. Now you understand how serious is the question of choosing a domain name. Do not want to address is your online store lost among millions of others like it to sound good and memorable? Then you need to think about it.

The next question – where to get a domain?

To register a domain, there are special websites. The domain is usually purchased for one year and after that is your intellectual property. A domain name consists of the name and the domain zone. The latter is important for advancement. Domain zones c * .ua, * easier to promote in Ukraine, and the domain * .com. ru – in Russia.

Here are some of the international thematic areas:

  • .com (commercial) – commercial projects and organizations;
  • .org (organizations) – public and non-profit organizations;
  • .gov (government) – governmental organizations;
  • .info (information) – domain, open to all;
  • .name (personal) – personal websites;
  • .net (networks) – the network structure;
  • .biz (business organizations) – the only commercial organization (with restrictions);
  • .pro (professionals) – specialists in certain professions (with restrictions);
  • .edu – educational.